Lately, I've been in a fashion rut. My wardrobe no longer excites me and I am in a constant state of jà vu as I wear my favorite pieces time and time again. I expressed my desire for a new look to my good friend Dom and he presented me with this concept board.

"There is a beautiful tension created when the conservative and feminine is paired with the worn and unruly. This tension is one the main components of the proposed “Michelle A Marques New Look” Structured blazers, long minimal maxi dresses, vampy heels and heavy hitting jewelery create the look: contemporary while staying true to the always classy aesthetic of Michelle A Marques. There will be heavy focus on staple basics by T by Alexander Wang and American Apparel. Structured jackets from Zara and H&M. And various jewelry from vintage retailers and other fast fashion merchants. What is most important for the Michelle A Marques New Look is to create a juxtaposition of bscure and chic styling choices and M.A.M’s natural beauty and grace."

- Dominque Crockett

The aesthetic of this board is exactly what I aspire to embody in my new look. It features fresh concepts without sacrificing who I am sartorially. I can't wait to begin constructing my new wardrobe and to free my closet from triteness. Wish me luck!



ter2-1-1.jpg picture by delaVOGUEterstyle.jpg picture by delaVOGUEtraceepradabag-3.jpg picture by delaVOGUEtraceefloral-1.jpg picture by delaVOGUEsista-naacpawards005-1.jpg picture by delaVOGUEtraceeellisross-1.jpg picture by delaVOGUE

To this day I mourn the end of the show Girlfriends. Heralded the "African American Sex and The City" by many, Girlfriends was a landmark show that depicted the lives of four successful and intelligent African American women in L.A. For 8 seasons we watched the trials and tribulations of these women as they dealt with romance, female bonding, career advancement, and familial drama. One of my favorite actors in the series was Tracee Ellis Ross who played Joan Clayton, a beautiful yet charmingly goofy lawyer turned restaurant owner searching for her soul mate. Throughout the series Ross' character's style evolved greatly and eventually established her as the fashionista of the show. Despite the end of the series, Tracee Ellis Ross' refreshing sense of style continues to lives on whether she's pairing a feminine floral dress with tough gladiator heels, channeling Prada Spring/Summer 2008, or looking elegant in a sleek body hugging strapless dress. Joan Clayton would definitely be proud.



chanel-jade-nail-polish.jpg picture by delavoguex
I am beginning to experience nail polish withdrawal. The last nail polish I bought was Rouge Noir and that was in March i.e. an eternity ago. Chanel has come out with a few new polishes recently but they have been either a weak variation of the color Vamp or completely lackluster. However, I think I have finally found my next high. In October, Chanel will release a new polish called Jade which was featured in the Fall/Winter 2009 ready-to-wear show. I fell in love with this pistachio green when I first saw it in the spring and can hardly wait to see it shine on my own nails.
FallNail-NailLacquer-DryMartinie-2.jpg picture by delavoguexFallNail-NailLacquer-RichDarkDel-1.jpg picture by delavoguex

MAC also has an exciting nail polish release coming up this month. Manicurist Jin Soon Choi has collaborated with MAC on a line of polishes that will be released on August 27th. Out of the six shades my eyes are set on Dry Martini which is a "khaki olive green" and Rich Dark Delicious which is a "rich blackened brown." I am excited to try these earthier shades because they are vastly different from the other colors I have in my collection and they fulfill my need for fresh, eye catching polishes for Fall.

I certainly won't be mourning the end of summer with the upcoming releases of these beautiful polishes.



Summer is quickly coming to a close and sadly I feel as if I am still in the same place I was only a few months before. I had so many ambitions for this long hiatus from academia but I inevitably succumbed to my tragic flaw: laziness. To me, laziness is not just an undesirable quality, it is a siren who's song consistently lures me into the treacherous, jagged rocks of unproductiveness. Everyone around me seems to be finding ways to be productive whether it's an amazing internship, summer classes, or working towards a healthier self. As I witness all of this motivation and drive I ask myself why is it so hard for me to incorporate productivity into my own life? I realized that one of the mistakes I was making is waiting for the right time to jump start this productivity, I continuously wait for milestones such as summer, or the start of a new semester instead of beginning my self improvement immediately. So today, not tomorrow or next semester, year, or summer, I will post a list of productive goals as an initial step towards self improvement.

1. Exercise 3 times a week - I'd like to become active, because even though I am naturally skinny the fact that I get winded climbing up the stairs in my house is frightening. I plan on doing free yoga at Yoga To the People and utilizing the gym at my school.

2. Drink at least 5 glasses of water a day - Water is one of the few beverages that I drink but I constantly find myself dehydrated throughout the day because I don't drink enough. Water is one of the most vital parts of any healthy diet and an increased intake of water is my first step towards a healthier me.

3. Start reading again - I used to be an avid reader before college but the enormous amount of reading that I am assigned in college has turned me off from this activity. I would like to be able to be focused enough to read again in order to excel academically and to be able to enjoy reading leisurely again.

4. Become organized - I need to learn how to organize and manage space, time, and school work. My first task will be my surroundings because the constant chaos and disorganization of my room is an infertile environment for getting any tasks done. Part of my goal of becoming organized includes developing better work and study habits because my current habits are haphazard and do not allow me to work at my full potential.

5. Review French - I began learning French last semester and within the last 3 months I have begun to forget a substantial amount of the knowledge I have acquired. I need to review my notes because one day I'd like to pick up a copy of French Vogue and be able to read from cover to cover instead of just gazing at the beautiful pictures.

6. Focus - The most important goal that I have is to remain motivated in myself. It is extremely easy for me to get distracted when I am feeling unmotivated. I not only need to increase my drive to succeed I also need to learn to focus my attention on important aspects of life and resist the temptation of wasting my days doing my usual lazy activities. Once I have obtained my desired level of focus I need to work on mantaining this focus in order to lead a productive life.

Wish me luck as I embark on this journey of self improvement!



I've had a very active 2 weeks, but there will be new posts soon!



beyonce-bet-6289-7.jpg picture by delavoguex

Beyonce looks stunning in this dress by Balmain at the BET awards. Her style has matured greatly and I really admire her recent outfit choices.



julias5bl4my8.jpg picture by delavoguex

Dear Readers,
Sorry for the lack of posts , I am currently vacationing in Florida for a week.  It feels great to be able to relax and spend time with my family in a different enviroment.  Look out for new posts soon.    



The phrase "dry shampoo" sounds like an oxymoron but this beauty product is really an extremely efficient way to combat oily hair. Dry shampoo comes in both powder and spray form and is a great way to achieve cleaner hair when you don't have time to wash it or you are trying to stretch a sleek salon blow out for a few extra days.

Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo is the best dry shampoo that I have ever used. It's a favorite with other women as well; this shampoo was voted Best Dry Shampoo and Quick Fix by Allure Magazine and has a 4.1/5 rating on Sephora.com Simply sprinkle some of this fresh smelling powder into your hair, massage it into your scalp with your fingertips, and brush it out. Your hair will be left free of product build up and oil and full of volume. This product is a must have for any girl that wants to fit beautiful hair into a hectic schedule. Available at Sephora.



80143scansgallerycomlilvo9-2.jpg picture by delavoguexlilysacrilege-1.jpg picture by delavoguex79802scansgallerycomliluz5-1-1.jpg picture by delavoguex80025scansgallerycomlilwl8.jpg picture by delavoguex79972scansgallerycomlilsc1.jpg picture by delavoguex

Lily Donaldson portrays a Wiccan in this 2008 editorial for French Vogue shot by Terry Richardson.  
photos: TFS 



No one likes dry hair, but a proclivity of women continue to use shampoos that advertise their ability to moisturize despite the fact that they actually contribute to the dryness of hair. Sulfates are a main ingredient in most shampoos because of their ability to clean the scalp and the hair. However sulfates can be very harsh on hair leading to dryness and lack of pliability. Common sulfates that are used in most shampoos include: sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, ammonium lauryl sulfate and ammonium laureth sulfate. Have you ever washed your hair with a shampoo that left your hair feeling too clean? You most likely were using a shampoo that contained the "lauryl" version of a sulfate which is harsher on hair. When choosing shampoos always choose ones with a low amount of sulfates or the "laureth" version which is much gentler on hair.
ojon-2-1.jpg picture by delavoguex

The best solution to combat dryness is to choose a shampoo that is sulfate free. My favorite is Ojon Ancient Tribal Rejuvenating Cleanser. This shampoo's unique components will moisturize, increase elasticity, and restore hair. It has a delicious chocolate smell and can also be used as a body wash, facial cleanser, and shampoo. Not only is this shampoo sulfate free it also contains "the antioxidant equivalent to 125 lb. of blueberries". What a great way to begin the journey towards healthier hair. Available at Sephora.



 Tom Ford was the most influential creative designer at Gucci in the last decade.  His revolutionary designs have left an everlasting imprint on the house and his absence at Gucci is still mourned by fashion afficionados everywhere.  Tom Ford's understanding of the woman's body allowed him to create pieces that transcend the women who wear them into the highest echelon of beauty.  His designs are sexy, including plunging necklines and nude and sheer fabrics, but the woman he created at Gucci is never salacious.  She is a women who uses this sex appeal in a stylish manner that never compromises her inherent sense of poise.    Today, let's celebrate his legacy by reveling in his final collection for Gucci. 

Gucci Fall 2004 Ready-to-WearGucci Fall 2004 Ready-to-WearGucci Fall 2004 Ready-to-WearGucci Fall 2004 Ready-to-WearGucci Fall 2004 Ready-to-WearGucci Fall 2004 Ready-to-WearGucci Fall 2004 Ready-to-WearGucci Fall 2004 Ready-to-WearGucci Fall 2004 Ready-to-WearGucci Fall 2004 Ready-to-Wear

Tom Ford enlisted hair and makeup greats Orlando Pita and Pat McGrath to create the perfect final look that would capture the Gucci woman that he has created over his 10 years as creative designer.  View these two backstage veterans and others saying goodbye to an era of greatness in the video below.   




naomiandstefanopilati-1.jpg picture by delavoguex

The timeless beauty Naomi Campbell poses with Stefano Pilati for the August 2008 cover of I-D magazine shot by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin. Naomi's immaculate skin and Rapunzel length hair makes for an unforgettable cover.



Summer is almost here and that means it is time to begin the quest for the perfect swimsuit. Even though I don't spend much time in the water I still understand the importance of finding a stylish and flattering swimsuit in order to look your best on beach or poolside excursions. This summer I suggest leaving the the trite triangle bikini comfort zone and exploring other silhouettes such as the malliot or bandeau.

herveleger-1.jpg picture by delavoguexzimmermanswimsuit-1.jpg picture by delavoguex

Malliots like this Hervé Legér swimsuit and Zimmerman swimsuit offer sex appeal, elegance, and uniqueness.

Picture7.png picture by delavoguex

Marc by Marc Jacobs paisley print bandeau (Saks) and Mara Hoffman bandeau (Mara Hoffman.com).

Bandeau swimsuits possess a sophistication that other two piece swimsuits lack. Going strapless or asymmetrical accentuates one of the sexiest parts of the body: the collarbones.



thelastwaltznatalia-1-1.jpg picture by delavoguexnataliathelastwaltz2-1-1.jpg picture by delavoguex

Natalia Vodianova plays an art devotee in Vienna in this editorial shot by Mario Testino for US Vogue September 2006.



Anyone that knows me knows that I am habitually late.  My Dad always warns me about the dangers of tardiness but I never take his comments seriously.  My friend Ursula has been a witness to this tardiness  and now embraces this quirk of mine by making sure that she tells me she is coming to pick me up earlier than she really is.  Recently, I've been interested in getting a  beautiful watch as a possible solution to my lateness problem.  I have this theory that by wearing a watch I will have a visual metaphor that will remind me that time is precious and should be valued, literally and figuratively.  

One of my favorite watches is the David Yurman Thoroughbred Watch:

Picture5.png picture by delavoguex

I love the elegance of this watch and how diamonds are artfully included in the design without appearing garish.  

Watch - wearing women seem to be a rare breed. But why? Wearing a watch stirs positive connotations in the minds of  people who you come in contact with.  A watch evokes power and it is a  symbol of organization, success, and being in control of the fleeting entity that is time.  I remember seeing my friend Meher wear a watch she had received as a graduation gift for the first time.  She looked so mature and it was as if wearing that watch transformed her from being a girl to  a woman with ambitions and a future as bright as the stainless steal band.  What a perfect gift for such a pivotal point in life.  
Some women believe that watches are too masculine, but what is wrong with a women that possesses qualities that are admired in men?   Women should not shy away from this accessory that creates an image of potency and significance.  It's never too late to begin to embrace these valuable qualities. 



This week my sister told me that Saks was having a pre-sale on select items in the handbag department.  So I inevitably checked it out because the word sale being used in the same sentence as Prada and Gucci sets off  an instantaneous neural response that results in my arrival at said sale by any means necessary.  I knew a new bag was not a feasible purchase so I headed straight for the Gucci credit card case/wallet that my sister had told me was going on sale.  I decided to pre-sale it because it is classic, useful, and 40 percent off the original price.  I get to pick it up on Monday when the sale starts.  

Picture14.png picture by delavoguex

(The green and red stripe is an elastic band that goes around the case, which is ideal for securing cash as well as cards)

I go to Saks a lot because it is isn't too far in the mall from the Banana Republic where I work and it is the perfect retreat when I am on my 45, 60, and even 15 minute breaks :-).  These trips are purely for browsing but sometimes I wonder if the sales associates judge you if you don't end up buying anything?  Even though I have purchased things at Saks, most times I leave empty handed.  In theory sales associates are no different from you or me, it is their job to sell merchandise and the merchandise that they are selling isn't necessarily merchandise that they can afford to buy themselves (without the discount of course).  Is the feeling of being judged really just the sales people trying to make sure that their salary is as high as possible or do they really look down at people that just browse without ever buying?  
The idea that sales associates judge non-buyers may not be that unrealistic. Working at high end stores creates a false sense of status.  Being surrounded by wealthy clientele and luxurious goods all day creates a sense of hierarchy especially since sales associates are the ones behind the glass and are therefore the liason between you and that Prada Cervo Antik bag.  The discount that sales associates receive increases the distance between consumer and sales associate on the retail ladder and allows  the idea of associates owning luxury goods to be tangible. Not only can the sales associate now afford the same items as the consumer, they also have a kind of access that a consumer does not have.  

Overall shoppers shouldn't be swayed by this feeling of being judged.  Everyone has the right to browse and should not feel pressured to buy things when they are not ready.  Maybe sales associates aren't as judgmental as we think and that insecure feeling stems from the fact that as consumers we aren't eligible to receive the benefits of the "elite club" that is the high end store.  After all, no one likes to feel left out.    



  School is over and I have officially become a hermit.  To prevent complete insanity I decided to rent the cult classic Clueless on Itunes.  Not only is this teen favorite heartwarming and well written it is also a time capsule of great 90's fashion.  You can't deny the sartorial value of the mini skirts, school girl socks, and mini backpacks.  My favorite character Cher is always immaculately dressed and her wardrobe puts the average 15 -year -old's closet to shame.   Here are some of my favorite outfits: 

Picture1-2.png picture by delaVOGUE
Cher wearing a Goth inspired outfit 

School chic:
Picture2-1.png picture by delaVOGUE
Picture11-1.png picture by delaVOGUEPicture3-1.png picture by delaVOGUE
Even in gym Cher manages to be fashionable with a gold chain strap cell phone holder. 

At the mall:
Picture10.png picture by delaVOGUE
Cher in mint green cap sleeved babydoll dress, a staple of the 90's wardrobe. 

Picture8.png picture by delaVOGUE  
Picture6.png picture by delaVOGUE
-and of course the dress that brought us this famous Clueless quote: 

(Cher is asked to get on the ground after being held by gunpoint.)  
"Oh. No you don't understand This is an Alaia.  An a -what- a? it's like a totally important designer."

 I truly admire the characters in Clueless, which is loosely based on the novel Emma by Jane Austen.  While on the surface they may seem like a set of overprivileged adolescents they are quite insightful.   Especially Cher who is mature beyond her 15 years.  She is socially adept, well dressed,  has an impressive vocabulary, and chooses not to date her immature male peers in order to save her virginity for an adequate suitor.   She is analytical and strategically uses the hierarchy of high school to accomplish her goals.  Cher looks out for her father's health, makes a succesful love connection between two teachers, and gives guidance to a new girl of a different social class who would have otherwise suffered the ugly consequences of being ostracized in high school.   Overall Cher is a young humanitarian which is more than many people can say about their 15 year old selves. 



It is finals week and I am trying my best to be the studious person I know I can be.  After Thursday I am done with my first year at NYU and the summer begins.  One of my main goals for the summer is to update this blog more frequently.  It is easy to fall into the grips of laziness and to let the lack of motivation keep you from accomplishing your goals but I plan to learn to combat these obstacles this summer.  I want to thank all of you that read my blog and leave comments.  

Keep reading, there is more to come :-)



I really enjoyed this month's issue of Vogue.  There is a lot of negativity about the current state of Vogue but this issue is truly  a testament to the longevity of the publication.  

The overall theme of this issue was "The Real Lives of Models" which was a great concept and gave Vogue's readers a much needed break from the countless actresses that are constantly featured on the cover.       
I found the articles in this month's issue to be very engrossing and thoughtful.   One article titled "On The Market" chronicled writer Lynn Yaeger's life after she is laid off from her job and has to live life on a freelance writer's budget.  The moral of her story was one that everyone can relate to.  In this economic climate nothing is promised and the way that Yaeger adapted to this dramatic change in life shows that optimism goes a long way when things don't go as planned in life.    

Another one of my favorites was the feature "Girls Talk" in which older models and new models sat together and interviewed each other on the trials and tribulations of the modeling world.  Veterans Naomi Campbell, Iman, and Lauren Hutton gave newer models such as Karlie Kloss and Caroline Trentini advice that was endearing and wise.  The article was written in an interview style which added authenticity and allowed the reader to have a candid look at the lives of these models.  

One of the best spreads of the issue was  the "The Great Pretender" featuring Natalia Vodianova.  She  looked elegant as she portrated various models from past decades.   

The spread "Meet the Boyfriends" photographed by Patrick Demarchelier was also beautiful .  The amount of chemistry between  the models and their boyfriends was heartwarming.  I loved the down to earth vibe of the shoot which made the pictures genuine and humanized the models that were featured.     

Doutzen Kroes boyfriend Greg Andrews Vogue May09
This issue of Vogue is a definite must read if you are a model aficionado or if you are just tired of seeing Jennifer Aniston on the cover of fashion magazines.