Lately, I've been in a fashion rut. My wardrobe no longer excites me and I am in a constant state of jà vu as I wear my favorite pieces time and time again. I expressed my desire for a new look to my good friend Dom and he presented me with this concept board.

"There is a beautiful tension created when the conservative and feminine is paired with the worn and unruly. This tension is one the main components of the proposed “Michelle A Marques New Look” Structured blazers, long minimal maxi dresses, vampy heels and heavy hitting jewelery create the look: contemporary while staying true to the always classy aesthetic of Michelle A Marques. There will be heavy focus on staple basics by T by Alexander Wang and American Apparel. Structured jackets from Zara and H&M. And various jewelry from vintage retailers and other fast fashion merchants. What is most important for the Michelle A Marques New Look is to create a juxtaposition of bscure and chic styling choices and M.A.M’s natural beauty and grace."

- Dominque Crockett

The aesthetic of this board is exactly what I aspire to embody in my new look. It features fresh concepts without sacrificing who I am sartorially. I can't wait to begin constructing my new wardrobe and to free my closet from triteness. Wish me luck!