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This week I bought my first voice recorder of my journalistic career for my Inquiry class. The Olympus VN-6200. This digital voice recorder boasts impressive features such as voice activation, noise cancellation, USB connection, and 1 Gb of memory. It's lightweight, sleek, and sexy in black.

Here's to the many interviews to come with the intriguing, the esoteric, the unconventional, the eminent, and the inspiring people that I am bound to encounter. Let the adventures commence!



Today I came back to my NYU dorm to face a reality I have been dreading for weeks - spring semester. Normally, the idea of a new semester beginning seems less frightening in the great company of friends but in the last week my life has dragged me through an unexpected and jagged road. I will now be without two important people in my life this semester, one being my roommate.
As I glanced at the dismal blue of my roommate Annette's bare extra long twin mattress, I decided to rearrange my room to avoid the heavy feeling of being alone. My friend Brittany has recently delved into the world of feng-shui and I decided to do some research of my own before transforming my room. With the help of my friend Mallika I transformed my room from this:

(circa one year ago)

to this:

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Feng shui is all about "balancing energies of a certain space to promote health and good fortune to the people inhabiting it." The main goal of feng shui is to direct Chi (universal energy) inside the home and body.

Having proper feng shui in a dorm room is very difficult but I did my best with my space constraints. I began by moving my bed to the opposite side of the room so that it wouldn't be in line with the door and my bed wouldn't reflect in my mirror.

Bed in line with a door: If your feet point towards a door when you're lying in bed it is in line with a door. In feng shui doors have a pulling energy and a bed in lined with a door allows your energy being pulled from you at night.

Mirror Facing The bed: A bed that is reflected in a mirror depletes your personal energy.

I also switched to a higher bed and removed the majority of my clutter from under my bed to allow energy to flow freely.

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(clutter free desk)

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I created an inviting day bed with my extra bed that opens up my room and creates a peaceful area for relaxation.

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Lastly, I added some serenity to my closet (which is usually a place of stress - I never know what to wear!) by enlisting the colors green and blue. The color green brings the energy of health and vitality and the color blue brings "a refreshing energy of calm, ease, purity and freshness."

Hopefully this change will give me the positive energy I need to combat the changes in my life and my anxiety about this semester.

To learn more about feng shui visit fengshui.about.com