I really enjoyed this month's issue of Vogue.  There is a lot of negativity about the current state of Vogue but this issue is truly  a testament to the longevity of the publication.  

The overall theme of this issue was "The Real Lives of Models" which was a great concept and gave Vogue's readers a much needed break from the countless actresses that are constantly featured on the cover.       
I found the articles in this month's issue to be very engrossing and thoughtful.   One article titled "On The Market" chronicled writer Lynn Yaeger's life after she is laid off from her job and has to live life on a freelance writer's budget.  The moral of her story was one that everyone can relate to.  In this economic climate nothing is promised and the way that Yaeger adapted to this dramatic change in life shows that optimism goes a long way when things don't go as planned in life.    

Another one of my favorites was the feature "Girls Talk" in which older models and new models sat together and interviewed each other on the trials and tribulations of the modeling world.  Veterans Naomi Campbell, Iman, and Lauren Hutton gave newer models such as Karlie Kloss and Caroline Trentini advice that was endearing and wise.  The article was written in an interview style which added authenticity and allowed the reader to have a candid look at the lives of these models.  

One of the best spreads of the issue was  the "The Great Pretender" featuring Natalia Vodianova.  She  looked elegant as she portrated various models from past decades.   

The spread "Meet the Boyfriends" photographed by Patrick Demarchelier was also beautiful .  The amount of chemistry between  the models and their boyfriends was heartwarming.  I loved the down to earth vibe of the shoot which made the pictures genuine and humanized the models that were featured.     

Doutzen Kroes boyfriend Greg Andrews Vogue May09
This issue of Vogue is a definite must read if you are a model aficionado or if you are just tired of seeing Jennifer Aniston on the cover of fashion magazines.    



Recently, I went shopping with my friend Dom at Bloomingdale's.  We were both exhausted by the mostly underwhelming clothes  and were about to declare the trip a failure when we stumbled upon this beautiful jumpsuit by Helmut Lang.  

The jumpsuit has a back zipper and is  made of  immaculately draped sueded silk that gave it a worn in feel. This piece was very flattering on me and would be a perfect transitional garment for late Spring to Summer.   
The only thing more mind blowing than the jumpsuit itself is the fact that it was banished to a measly corner of the Women's section  with barely any recognition.  I almost didn't notice the Helmut Lang section at all.  It is sad that a collection that has so much originality has to be tucked away in a corner shelf when collections like Marc by Marc Jacobs get a vast area to display their at times excessively "cutesy" looks.  

At the end of the day my greatest purchase was a delicious Choco Taco from a nearby ice cream truck.  What a sad day for retail.