Recently, I went shopping with my friend Dom at Bloomingdale's.  We were both exhausted by the mostly underwhelming clothes  and were about to declare the trip a failure when we stumbled upon this beautiful jumpsuit by Helmut Lang.  

The jumpsuit has a back zipper and is  made of  immaculately draped sueded silk that gave it a worn in feel. This piece was very flattering on me and would be a perfect transitional garment for late Spring to Summer.   
The only thing more mind blowing than the jumpsuit itself is the fact that it was banished to a measly corner of the Women's section  with barely any recognition.  I almost didn't notice the Helmut Lang section at all.  It is sad that a collection that has so much originality has to be tucked away in a corner shelf when collections like Marc by Marc Jacobs get a vast area to display their at times excessively "cutesy" looks.  

At the end of the day my greatest purchase was a delicious Choco Taco from a nearby ice cream truck.  What a sad day for retail.  


somerandombroad. said...

fabulous jumpsuit. only problem for me is im a fat girl scorned (lol) and fashion is for skinny girls. So i truck around with my betsey johnson laptop tote in sadness and dream of a YSL prom dress .

Michelle. said...

isn't it?! aww, its ok, you can still wear that YSL prom dress.

thanks for following : ).

Rashaun W. said...

WOW ! Nice blog.


Michelle. said...

thanks :-), and thanks for following!

Blythe said...

Hello! i really into jumpsuits right now too... very easy and breezy for summer! Stella McCartney makes some that is absolutely breath taking!

Michelle. said...

Yea I love them too, I need to get one for that exact reason haha. Oh really,? I need to check those out,

thanks for reading :-)