Chanel Fall 2009 Ready-to-Wear
As I was going through the Chanel FW 09 detail shots, an interesting accessory caught my eye.   Pictured above is a Chanel "toolkit" that puts the Black and Decker ones sold at Home Depot to shame.  This  toolkit is exactly what any modern and fashionable woman needs.  There are specific slots for all of your Chanel necessities: compact, lipstick, iPod, glasses, Reissue 2.55 bag, and N°5 perfume.  This toolkit is made of hard plastic and features a silver metal and interwoven ribbon strap.   There is also a top handle that allows for versatile carrying.  The durability of plastic and the elegance of the strap make it a revolutionary yet practical accessory.   While it is unlikely that this toolkit will be widely available in stores, this  futuristic piece is a barometer of the "strong woman" of today.  



At the fall/winter 2009 shows many makeup artists decided to focus on creating striking eye looks to complement their respective collections.

Rodarte Fall 2009 Ready-to-Wear

RODARTE: At the Rodarte fall/winter 2009 show, makeup artist James Kaliardos created a fresh makeup look that complemented the futuristic collection. This look features a matte face, nude lip, and terra cotta eye shadow that extends past the eye in a defined line. This terra cotta shadow was also applied to the temples creating a unique triangular shape that was phenomenal. The hair was off the face, parted to the side and gelled down in a classic bun. The perfect combination of elegance and innovation.

Chanel: At Chanel eyes were also the prominent beauty feature. They were rimmed with black eyeliner and adorned with white confetti like sequins that extended from the bottom lid to the corner of the eye in wingtip fashion. Skin was kept simple with a matte finish and lips were glossy pink. On a side note, nails were painted with a rich robin egg blue color that I can't wait to acquire.

Giambattista Valli Fall 2009 Ready-to-Wear

Giambattista Valli: At Giambattista Valli's fall/winter 2009 show eyebrows were dyed a luminous bronze and gelled down into well-groomed perfection. Dark burgundy shadow was applied in a semi circle formation and winged out in a line that was precisely parallel to the corner of the eye. Sea green iridescent glitter was worn over the shadow to complete the look. The face was kept simple with white powder dusted under the eyes and nose. The lips were painted nude with a subtle shine. This beauty look is a captivating match for an equally defined collection.

Miu Miu Fall 2009 Ready-to-Wear

Miu Miu: At Miu Miu eyebrows were also dyed and a matching shadow was applied over the entire eye area in a semi circle shape with defined lines. Eyes were rimmed with a dark silvery charcoal color that contrasted with the shadow and added even more definition. Skin resembled porcelain and was incredibly smooth. Blush was applied in a contoured shape that defined the cheek bones. The lips were matte and painted with a peach color that was identical to the one used on the eyes. This monochromatic look worked well on the runway and gave models a stark look that was visually stimulating.



audreylibrary.png picture by delavoguex

I will be on a short hiatus until my midterms are over,  à bientôt!



Prada Fall 2009 Ready-to-WearPrada Fall 2009 Ready-to-Wear
Prada Fall 2009 Ready-to-WearPrada Fall 2009 Ready-to-Wear
Prada Fall 2009 Ready-to-WearPrada Fall 2009 Ready-to-Wear Prada Fall 2009 Ready-to-Wear

Miuccia Prada debuted a striking take on utilitarian style for fall/winter 2009.
The collection included myriad structured coats in earth tone wools. These coats were impeccably tailored and worn with belts that added even more definition to the clean lines of the outerwear. Prada worked with traditional rich fall colors for this collection. Vibrant greens, reds, and mustard yellow added contrast to the primarily dark palette.

Models looked as if they had been exposed to the elements. Hair was worn off the shoulders in frizzy chignons. Makeup was primarily nude and minimal to complement the stark porcelain skin of the models. The stares from the model's red rimmed eyes and their overall demeanor evoked an apocalyptic vibe. In Prada's rendition of the future, functionality and fashion coincide in a genius manner. Prada recognized that in these volatile financial times women need to be strong and the ruggedness that was worked into 40 elegant looks embodied this idea.

The "strong woman" concept also translated into footwear and was seen in the rubber thigh high fishing boots with straps that attach to waist belts and the heels with rubber soles often found on sporting boots. These boots looked amazing when paired with a deep v-neck cardigan and high-waisted shorts. They would be perfect for trekking through the city sleet in style. Prada's combination of the practicality of sportswear and the grandeur of high fashion was executed phenomenally.

Dresses were also a staple of this collection. Many featured plunging necklines that created a unique sense of sexy amongst a collection that rewrites the conventions of femininity. Leather gladiator inspired dresses  made an appearance and bolstered Prada's image of the strong woman.  Fur appeared on dresses but not in its usual luxurious fashion. It was made bold and sexy in a way that separated it from its Park Avenue princess connotations.

Prada's fall/winter collection demonstrates the brand's acknowledgment that women are currently facing a significantly different economic climate. Unlike many designers this season who have failed to accept this reality, Miuccia Prada combats this grim state without compromising her own aesthetic. The result is an extraordinary collection that demonstrates fashion's ability to be a barometer of the state of society. Prada has presented a future that women will be fearless to live in. (Equipped with those fabulous boots of course).



 Hi, name is Michelle, and I am a Chanel nail polish addict. However, I prefer the title Chanel nail polish enthusiast because the word addict has myriad negative connotations. My love of Chanel nail polish first began during the Christmas of 10th grade when my best friend gave me my first bottle of Vamp as a gift. I remember the first time I saw this beautiful color on my nails. That deep blood red put my peer's french manicured acrylics to shame. A love affair had begun.

Over the years my collection quickly expanded to the 8 polishes I have now.  They  are proudly displayed on my bookshelf where I can marvel at the pristine packaging and beautiful colors. Each bottle holds a special story of its acquisition. Whenever I look at my bottle of Black Satin I remember how I ran frantically through my local mall to every department store looking for this highly coveted shade until I finally arrived at Lord and Taylor where I was able to put my name on a waiting list.  I can't forget how I acquired my bottle of Gold Fiction; thanks to a very friendly sales associate I had the bottle shipped from the Beverly Hills Bloomingdales to my dorm.

 Even though I know that every season there will be a new color that I MUST have, my heart will always be devoted to my first love, Vamp. This color was originally featured on the Chanel runway in 1994 where it received a significant amount of publicity. Chanel took advantage of this publicity and released Vamp, a strikingly dark crimson color that mirrored the shade seen on the runway. During the first year of its debut Chanel sold 1 million dollars worth of this cult favorite nail polish. The shade sold out everywhere and its elusive nature made it even more desirable. The waiting list grew to more than a thousand women long. The color was even featured on Uma Thurman in  Pulp Fiction which increased the hype.  

I had been wearing Vamp for a few years before learning of it's European equivalent Rouge Noir.  At first I failed to pay much attention to this shade because I thought it was identical to Vamp but I soon learned that Rouge Noir was made with a black base which Vamp lacked. This base allowed it to be darker and richer than the Vamp that I had loved for years.  The shade was virtually the color of dried blood and Vamp's shimmery undertone looked feeble next to this powerful hue. I longed for this polish but I soon found out that it was only available in Europe. I sadly gave up my quest  but anytime I saw this shade in a gift set my desire was renewed. However, I couldn't bring myself to pay around $60 for 3 polishes when I really only wanted Rouge Noir. 
I began to think that Rouge Noir and I weren't meant to be until something miraculous happened last week. I was sifting through my email when my eyes came across an email from Chanel.com advertising Les Noirs De Chanel. I clicked my way to a page featuring 3 lipstick and 3 nail polishes that were inspired by Coco Chanel's love of the color black. There it was, Rouge Noir, the nail polish that I had lusted after for years available for purchase in the U.S. Never have I typed my credit card number so fast.  Two days later my desire became a reality, I tore open the gift wrapped box to reveal the shade that I had been relentlessly coveting, it was just as immaculate as I imagined it would be.   

After getting a manicure with my newly acquired prize I felt that familiar high that keeps my love of Chanel nail polish alive. I stared at my striking dark blood red nails and felt the distinct sense of gratification that comes with a fresh manicure. The feeling of contentment filled my body and the dreary day seemed so much brighter.  
  For now my addiction is satiated but it's only a matter of time before the vicious cycle begins again.  A new color will be released, the desire will be reignited, and the ruthless acquistion will commence. I can hardly wait :-).  

source : Color Stories