Hi, name is Michelle, and I am a Chanel nail polish addict. However, I prefer the title Chanel nail polish enthusiast because the word addict has myriad negative connotations. My love of Chanel nail polish first began during the Christmas of 10th grade when my best friend gave me my first bottle of Vamp as a gift. I remember the first time I saw this beautiful color on my nails. That deep blood red put my peer's french manicured acrylics to shame. A love affair had begun.

Over the years my collection quickly expanded to the 8 polishes I have now.  They  are proudly displayed on my bookshelf where I can marvel at the pristine packaging and beautiful colors. Each bottle holds a special story of its acquisition. Whenever I look at my bottle of Black Satin I remember how I ran frantically through my local mall to every department store looking for this highly coveted shade until I finally arrived at Lord and Taylor where I was able to put my name on a waiting list.  I can't forget how I acquired my bottle of Gold Fiction; thanks to a very friendly sales associate I had the bottle shipped from the Beverly Hills Bloomingdales to my dorm.

 Even though I know that every season there will be a new color that I MUST have, my heart will always be devoted to my first love, Vamp. This color was originally featured on the Chanel runway in 1994 where it received a significant amount of publicity. Chanel took advantage of this publicity and released Vamp, a strikingly dark crimson color that mirrored the shade seen on the runway. During the first year of its debut Chanel sold 1 million dollars worth of this cult favorite nail polish. The shade sold out everywhere and its elusive nature made it even more desirable. The waiting list grew to more than a thousand women long. The color was even featured on Uma Thurman in  Pulp Fiction which increased the hype.  

I had been wearing Vamp for a few years before learning of it's European equivalent Rouge Noir.  At first I failed to pay much attention to this shade because I thought it was identical to Vamp but I soon learned that Rouge Noir was made with a black base which Vamp lacked. This base allowed it to be darker and richer than the Vamp that I had loved for years.  The shade was virtually the color of dried blood and Vamp's shimmery undertone looked feeble next to this powerful hue. I longed for this polish but I soon found out that it was only available in Europe. I sadly gave up my quest  but anytime I saw this shade in a gift set my desire was renewed. However, I couldn't bring myself to pay around $60 for 3 polishes when I really only wanted Rouge Noir. 
I began to think that Rouge Noir and I weren't meant to be until something miraculous happened last week. I was sifting through my email when my eyes came across an email from Chanel.com advertising Les Noirs De Chanel. I clicked my way to a page featuring 3 lipstick and 3 nail polishes that were inspired by Coco Chanel's love of the color black. There it was, Rouge Noir, the nail polish that I had lusted after for years available for purchase in the U.S. Never have I typed my credit card number so fast.  Two days later my desire became a reality, I tore open the gift wrapped box to reveal the shade that I had been relentlessly coveting, it was just as immaculate as I imagined it would be.   

After getting a manicure with my newly acquired prize I felt that familiar high that keeps my love of Chanel nail polish alive. I stared at my striking dark blood red nails and felt the distinct sense of gratification that comes with a fresh manicure. The feeling of contentment filled my body and the dreary day seemed so much brighter.  
  For now my addiction is satiated but it's only a matter of time before the vicious cycle begins again.  A new color will be released, the desire will be reignited, and the ruthless acquistion will commence. I can hardly wait :-).  

source : Color Stories


Amy said...

ahh vamp was always my favorite!

Michelle. said...

yess! I'm glad other people share my love for it :-)

Anonymous said...

I see your nail collection!! you have all the colors I love~ (too bad I could not find Gold fiction anymore! =[ )

Michelle. said...

aww you have good taste :-) , yea that gold fiction was a hard find !

stubby said...

FYI, in October, Chanel will be releasing Jade. The mint green polish that the models were wearing for the fall collection!

I predict this will become your next lemming!!!!

Michelle. said...

thank you for that golden piece of information! that definitely will be !