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Beyonce looks stunning in this dress by Balmain at the BET awards. Her style has matured greatly and I really admire her recent outfit choices.



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Dear Readers,
Sorry for the lack of posts , I am currently vacationing in Florida for a week.  It feels great to be able to relax and spend time with my family in a different enviroment.  Look out for new posts soon.    



The phrase "dry shampoo" sounds like an oxymoron but this beauty product is really an extremely efficient way to combat oily hair. Dry shampoo comes in both powder and spray form and is a great way to achieve cleaner hair when you don't have time to wash it or you are trying to stretch a sleek salon blow out for a few extra days.

Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo is the best dry shampoo that I have ever used. It's a favorite with other women as well; this shampoo was voted Best Dry Shampoo and Quick Fix by Allure Magazine and has a 4.1/5 rating on Sephora.com Simply sprinkle some of this fresh smelling powder into your hair, massage it into your scalp with your fingertips, and brush it out. Your hair will be left free of product build up and oil and full of volume. This product is a must have for any girl that wants to fit beautiful hair into a hectic schedule. Available at Sephora.



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Lily Donaldson portrays a Wiccan in this 2008 editorial for French Vogue shot by Terry Richardson.  
photos: TFS 



No one likes dry hair, but a proclivity of women continue to use shampoos that advertise their ability to moisturize despite the fact that they actually contribute to the dryness of hair. Sulfates are a main ingredient in most shampoos because of their ability to clean the scalp and the hair. However sulfates can be very harsh on hair leading to dryness and lack of pliability. Common sulfates that are used in most shampoos include: sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, ammonium lauryl sulfate and ammonium laureth sulfate. Have you ever washed your hair with a shampoo that left your hair feeling too clean? You most likely were using a shampoo that contained the "lauryl" version of a sulfate which is harsher on hair. When choosing shampoos always choose ones with a low amount of sulfates or the "laureth" version which is much gentler on hair.
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The best solution to combat dryness is to choose a shampoo that is sulfate free. My favorite is Ojon Ancient Tribal Rejuvenating Cleanser. This shampoo's unique components will moisturize, increase elasticity, and restore hair. It has a delicious chocolate smell and can also be used as a body wash, facial cleanser, and shampoo. Not only is this shampoo sulfate free it also contains "the antioxidant equivalent to 125 lb. of blueberries". What a great way to begin the journey towards healthier hair. Available at Sephora.



 Tom Ford was the most influential creative designer at Gucci in the last decade.  His revolutionary designs have left an everlasting imprint on the house and his absence at Gucci is still mourned by fashion afficionados everywhere.  Tom Ford's understanding of the woman's body allowed him to create pieces that transcend the women who wear them into the highest echelon of beauty.  His designs are sexy, including plunging necklines and nude and sheer fabrics, but the woman he created at Gucci is never salacious.  She is a women who uses this sex appeal in a stylish manner that never compromises her inherent sense of poise.    Today, let's celebrate his legacy by reveling in his final collection for Gucci. 

Gucci Fall 2004 Ready-to-WearGucci Fall 2004 Ready-to-WearGucci Fall 2004 Ready-to-WearGucci Fall 2004 Ready-to-WearGucci Fall 2004 Ready-to-WearGucci Fall 2004 Ready-to-WearGucci Fall 2004 Ready-to-WearGucci Fall 2004 Ready-to-WearGucci Fall 2004 Ready-to-WearGucci Fall 2004 Ready-to-Wear

Tom Ford enlisted hair and makeup greats Orlando Pita and Pat McGrath to create the perfect final look that would capture the Gucci woman that he has created over his 10 years as creative designer.  View these two backstage veterans and others saying goodbye to an era of greatness in the video below.   




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The timeless beauty Naomi Campbell poses with Stefano Pilati for the August 2008 cover of I-D magazine shot by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin. Naomi's immaculate skin and Rapunzel length hair makes for an unforgettable cover.



Summer is almost here and that means it is time to begin the quest for the perfect swimsuit. Even though I don't spend much time in the water I still understand the importance of finding a stylish and flattering swimsuit in order to look your best on beach or poolside excursions. This summer I suggest leaving the the trite triangle bikini comfort zone and exploring other silhouettes such as the malliot or bandeau.

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Malliots like this Hervé Legér swimsuit and Zimmerman swimsuit offer sex appeal, elegance, and uniqueness.

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Marc by Marc Jacobs paisley print bandeau (Saks) and Mara Hoffman bandeau (Mara Hoffman.com).

Bandeau swimsuits possess a sophistication that other two piece swimsuits lack. Going strapless or asymmetrical accentuates one of the sexiest parts of the body: the collarbones.



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Natalia Vodianova plays an art devotee in Vienna in this editorial shot by Mario Testino for US Vogue September 2006.



Anyone that knows me knows that I am habitually late.  My Dad always warns me about the dangers of tardiness but I never take his comments seriously.  My friend Ursula has been a witness to this tardiness  and now embraces this quirk of mine by making sure that she tells me she is coming to pick me up earlier than she really is.  Recently, I've been interested in getting a  beautiful watch as a possible solution to my lateness problem.  I have this theory that by wearing a watch I will have a visual metaphor that will remind me that time is precious and should be valued, literally and figuratively.  

One of my favorite watches is the David Yurman Thoroughbred Watch:

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I love the elegance of this watch and how diamonds are artfully included in the design without appearing garish.  

Watch - wearing women seem to be a rare breed. But why? Wearing a watch stirs positive connotations in the minds of  people who you come in contact with.  A watch evokes power and it is a  symbol of organization, success, and being in control of the fleeting entity that is time.  I remember seeing my friend Meher wear a watch she had received as a graduation gift for the first time.  She looked so mature and it was as if wearing that watch transformed her from being a girl to  a woman with ambitions and a future as bright as the stainless steal band.  What a perfect gift for such a pivotal point in life.  
Some women believe that watches are too masculine, but what is wrong with a women that possesses qualities that are admired in men?   Women should not shy away from this accessory that creates an image of potency and significance.  It's never too late to begin to embrace these valuable qualities.