Anyone that knows me knows that I am habitually late.  My Dad always warns me about the dangers of tardiness but I never take his comments seriously.  My friend Ursula has been a witness to this tardiness  and now embraces this quirk of mine by making sure that she tells me she is coming to pick me up earlier than she really is.  Recently, I've been interested in getting a  beautiful watch as a possible solution to my lateness problem.  I have this theory that by wearing a watch I will have a visual metaphor that will remind me that time is precious and should be valued, literally and figuratively.  

One of my favorite watches is the David Yurman Thoroughbred Watch:

Picture5.png picture by delavoguex

I love the elegance of this watch and how diamonds are artfully included in the design without appearing garish.  

Watch - wearing women seem to be a rare breed. But why? Wearing a watch stirs positive connotations in the minds of  people who you come in contact with.  A watch evokes power and it is a  symbol of organization, success, and being in control of the fleeting entity that is time.  I remember seeing my friend Meher wear a watch she had received as a graduation gift for the first time.  She looked so mature and it was as if wearing that watch transformed her from being a girl to  a woman with ambitions and a future as bright as the stainless steal band.  What a perfect gift for such a pivotal point in life.  
Some women believe that watches are too masculine, but what is wrong with a women that possesses qualities that are admired in men?   Women should not shy away from this accessory that creates an image of potency and significance.  It's never too late to begin to embrace these valuable qualities. 

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