Summer is quickly coming to a close and sadly I feel as if I am still in the same place I was only a few months before. I had so many ambitions for this long hiatus from academia but I inevitably succumbed to my tragic flaw: laziness. To me, laziness is not just an undesirable quality, it is a siren who's song consistently lures me into the treacherous, jagged rocks of unproductiveness. Everyone around me seems to be finding ways to be productive whether it's an amazing internship, summer classes, or working towards a healthier self. As I witness all of this motivation and drive I ask myself why is it so hard for me to incorporate productivity into my own life? I realized that one of the mistakes I was making is waiting for the right time to jump start this productivity, I continuously wait for milestones such as summer, or the start of a new semester instead of beginning my self improvement immediately. So today, not tomorrow or next semester, year, or summer, I will post a list of productive goals as an initial step towards self improvement.

1. Exercise 3 times a week - I'd like to become active, because even though I am naturally skinny the fact that I get winded climbing up the stairs in my house is frightening. I plan on doing free yoga at Yoga To the People and utilizing the gym at my school.

2. Drink at least 5 glasses of water a day - Water is one of the few beverages that I drink but I constantly find myself dehydrated throughout the day because I don't drink enough. Water is one of the most vital parts of any healthy diet and an increased intake of water is my first step towards a healthier me.

3. Start reading again - I used to be an avid reader before college but the enormous amount of reading that I am assigned in college has turned me off from this activity. I would like to be able to be focused enough to read again in order to excel academically and to be able to enjoy reading leisurely again.

4. Become organized - I need to learn how to organize and manage space, time, and school work. My first task will be my surroundings because the constant chaos and disorganization of my room is an infertile environment for getting any tasks done. Part of my goal of becoming organized includes developing better work and study habits because my current habits are haphazard and do not allow me to work at my full potential.

5. Review French - I began learning French last semester and within the last 3 months I have begun to forget a substantial amount of the knowledge I have acquired. I need to review my notes because one day I'd like to pick up a copy of French Vogue and be able to read from cover to cover instead of just gazing at the beautiful pictures.

6. Focus - The most important goal that I have is to remain motivated in myself. It is extremely easy for me to get distracted when I am feeling unmotivated. I not only need to increase my drive to succeed I also need to learn to focus my attention on important aspects of life and resist the temptation of wasting my days doing my usual lazy activities. Once I have obtained my desired level of focus I need to work on mantaining this focus in order to lead a productive life.

Wish me luck as I embark on this journey of self improvement!


Chris said...

I love this post baby. You can do it girl! Keep working hard and stay focused. I'm here for you.

Yours truly,


Michelle. said...

aw! thank you :-) thanks so much for believing in me and reading <3

Ayo said...

You're back! LOL. one of your goals should be to blog more! ;-) but im glad you are setting goals and im going to make an effort to get to the gym or some place this year.

Let me know when you are doing yoga, and we can review french as well! take care girl!

Michelle. said...

aw thanks yea we can be yoga buddies if you're up for it ! and yea that would be nice , i really need to freshen up on french. I am really trying to blog more as well , i am really trying to combat this laziness.

Thanks for reading!


Annette Szymala said...

girl, we are gonna help each other through this semester, because i have almost identical ideas in mind!

Michelle. said...

that's right girl! I know we can do it :-) we got this year!

<3 <3

Anonymous said...

An insightfull post. Will definitely help.

Karim - Positive thinking