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I am beginning to experience nail polish withdrawal. The last nail polish I bought was Rouge Noir and that was in March i.e. an eternity ago. Chanel has come out with a few new polishes recently but they have been either a weak variation of the color Vamp or completely lackluster. However, I think I have finally found my next high. In October, Chanel will release a new polish called Jade which was featured in the Fall/Winter 2009 ready-to-wear show. I fell in love with this pistachio green when I first saw it in the spring and can hardly wait to see it shine on my own nails.
FallNail-NailLacquer-DryMartinie-2.jpg picture by delavoguexFallNail-NailLacquer-RichDarkDel-1.jpg picture by delavoguex

MAC also has an exciting nail polish release coming up this month. Manicurist Jin Soon Choi has collaborated with MAC on a line of polishes that will be released on August 27th. Out of the six shades my eyes are set on Dry Martini which is a "khaki olive green" and Rich Dark Delicious which is a "rich blackened brown." I am excited to try these earthier shades because they are vastly different from the other colors I have in my collection and they fulfill my need for fresh, eye catching polishes for Fall.

I certainly won't be mourning the end of summer with the upcoming releases of these beautiful polishes.


bryna said...

i really love that mint green color.

Michelle. said...

me too, i'm so excited for it!, thanks for reading :-)

HBTNStyle said...

according to the SS10 runways....military tones are uber cool. great pick. I'm out shopping tomorrow.

Michelle. said...

thanks! :-)