UGG Classic Short in Aqua (click for larger)

While on our way to get dessert near Union Square my friend Dom and I saw something rather strange.  Sequined Uggs.  At first I didn't notice them because I was looking at the Ugg-wearer's LV Damier Neverfull bag (this bag seems to be an epidemic!), but then I looked down and saw some very bedazzled sequin adorned black Ugg boots.  I thought to myself would Uggs really take this  immortal trend to this extreme? But when I saw the silver tag at the back inscribed "UGG" my doubts were confirmed.  Dom and I  immediately looked at each other with the same puzzled face.   These boots seem to be a new addition to the Uggs collection because I could not find a picture of them anywhere, but picture the above boot with black sequins.  

What do you think of the idea of a sequined Ugg? Will these Uggs become the new perfect accessory for the classic little black dress?  Will women abandon their heels in favor of these bedazzled boots at their next nighttime rondezvous or cocktail party?  I hope not. 

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Sara said...

I stumpled upon your blog when duckduckgo'ing "what to wear with sequin uggs"... i don't plan on wearing them with dresses, but i do plan on pairing them with jeggings or even yoga pants for a little pop in mundane outfits. i think if i saw someone wearing them to a cocktail party, i'd DIE.