Remember these? If you don't, I don't blame you for erasing the memory of these bags from your mind, but a few years ago it is likely that you would have sold your first born to obtain either of these "it" bags. Meet the the Fendi Spy Bag and the Louis Vuitton Multicolore Bag which retail for $1,690 and $2,050 respectively. Both of these bags experienced a significant amount of popularity but where are they now?

They both can be found on the notorious Canal Street made of inferior materials by underpaid children in third world countries. What makes people buy these "it" bags in the first place? Sure the allure of the "it" bag is a strong force. At first glance your heart skips a beat and the desire to obtain this new eye catching item is instantly ignited. But what happens when the hype dies down, a new season begins, and you are left carrying the flashy "relic" of last season?

The popularity of the "it bag" is now declining. With the economy in shambles it is even less practical to buy an "it bag" that will be deemed passé in a matter of months. The huge reductions of these bags also reflect this reality. A sequined version of the Fendi Spy Bag that originally retailed at $5,490 is now on sale for $2,471, more than half off, and with department stores like Saks recently reducing prices by up to 75% these figures are becoming a common sight.

What can a stylish woman do in hard times like these? Stop investing money in the trendy and turn to the classic. Think bags like the Chanel flap bag - timeless and elegant. If classics aren't your aesthetic, opt for bags that are on the minimalistic side such as those by Givenchy (featured above). Avoid seasonal or obnoxiously flashy versions of bags. It is inevitable that these bags will lose their novelty quickly and be banished to the back of your closet. Buy bags in versatile colors that you know you will not grow tired of. Instead of buying the "bag of the season" choose a more obscure bag in the line. If you are willing to spend a large amount on a bag, spend wisely on one that you will love for years to come.

A designer bag is an investment and to invest in a bag that you will only wear for one season in this economic climate is bad business and fashion sense.


Sarah Noelle said...

this blog is gonna get big soon.

Michelle. said...

thanks : ) that would be cool if it did !

Anonymous said...

a very relevant post - the best bag is one that will last for ages.
in addition to the bags you mentioned, bottega veneta and hermes are some of my favorites for classic, timeless bags that are both recession friendly and completely chic. regardless of economic climate, they'll continue to outlast the monogrammed monstrosities that once graced the arms of nearly every fashion-conscious girl.

plus, it-bags are quickly being replaced by the "it-heel" - statement shoes with architectural and sculptural qualities from the likes of marni, rodarte (via louboutin), and YSL.

Michelle. said...

Thank you : ) I agree i am a fan of both Bottega Venetta and Hermes, well said about the "monogrammed monstrosities haha - they are horrible.

Yes the it - heel has been coming into the spotlight a lot lately, I can't lie, I am a fan of many of them especially the YSL cage heel and the Prada flower heel. The "it" factor seems to be more practical for a shoe than a handbag.

Thanks for the great comment : )